My Chamber Is Not Heating, What Do I Do?



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    So.... I bought a puffco pro 2 (7/15/17) and was immediately impressed. My first experiences with this pen were great - long battery life, smooth hits, & not to mention the 12 second sesh mode to relieve you of holding that damn button for so long like any other pen. But about 2 days after purchase (7/18/17 I ran into the issue of my puffco pro 2 not heating up anymore.

    After tinkering with it a bit, I realized the cord from the battery to the golden connecting rod had dislodged. This part is responsible for engaging the coil to begin heating. I believe this is faulty manufacturing, maybe in this one piece alone? I went ahead and bent the wire up toward the connecting rod until it touched and whammy, smooth hits again! The only thing is, I have to keep pressure on the side of the piece for it to work, it seems he wire is barely touching.

    I have emailed customer support and am waiting for a response... hopefully they are able to send me a new one. I enjoyed the first two days of this product and am willing to give them a second chance. I will update when I hear the results.

    My pen was not heating up.

    this issue about2 days after I purchased this product.

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